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Renitheum: The protocol for securing smart contracts

Renitheum is the first smart contract security-auditing protocol. We are extending Ethereum with technology that ensures the security of smart contracts combined with digital identification, create a Distributed Smart Economy Network.



Coin name:
Coin symbol:
Token supply:
500,000,000 RTH
Hard Cap:
To be announced
Public sale:
April 2018

Contribution in Ether

After the token sale, all unsold and unallocated tokens will be destroyed. The creation of additional tokens will not be possible.

Token sale bonuses

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Renitheum distribution

Funding use



  1. Launches Renitheum project
    Developed a new digital asset platform

  2. RTH Token Sale (DAICO)
    Mobile App
    Web Wallet & Desktop Wallet

  3. Security Improvement
    Block Exflorer
    Official Mining Pool
    Listing on Coin Directory: Coinmarketcap, Cryptocompare, Worldcoinindex
    Exchange Market: Binance, HitBTC, Bitfinex, Kraken

  4. Developed a new trading platform in conjunction with forex brokers
    Start up Game Company
    Launches 10 games and casinos by Bitcoin and Renitheum

  5. Launches investment fund in energy sector in Australia & Italy

  6. Crowdfunding platform
    Further extension of the platform: Business Community, Bank...

  7. Expansion in the number of connected projects
    Ecommerce: ATM & Smart Card Launch
    Stock Issuance and IPO

Meet our team

We are an international team of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, corporate executives, talented product managers, software engineers, marketers, and graphic designers. We believe we can revolutionise the online betting market using cutting-edge technology and truly unlimited passion.

Daniel Sante

Daniel Sante


Jackson William King

Jackson William King


Harry James Walker

Harry James Walker


Lucas Lee

Lucas Lee

System Architect

Henri Van Halen

Henri Van Halen

Tech Lead, Blockchain Engineer

Patrick Meyer

Patrick Meyer

Head of Software Engineering Department

Laura Rossir

Laura Rossi

Head of Customer Service

Roland Garcia

Roland Garcia

Chief Marketing Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Renitheum?

Renitheum is a token developed on the basis of Ethereum. Renitheum inherits features from Ethereum and moreover, it discovers security vulnerabilities and defends them by adding more advanced security features for users. In the future, we will build a security base for Renitheum including: Renitheum VM; Renitheum Smart Web which consists of Blockchain, Renitheum Runtime, Renitheum Carrier, Renitheum Software Development; Smartcontract and Renitheum D-apps.

What is DAICO Renitheum Project?

In order to ensure safety for contributors in raising funds for the project, Renitheum develops the DAICO model. You can find out more about DAICO model here.

Is it safe to invest in Renitheum?

Absolutely safe. You are the one who votes to decide how the funds for the project development team will be used.

How can i pay for the tokens?

You will pay in Ethereum for the tokens purchased.

What are the rights of contributors?

These are the 3 benefits you will have when participating in this project:
- Bonus: Throughout the project duration, we will give extra tokens for contributors depending on the time you place the purchase order. The bonus amount would be correspondingly 15%, 10% and 5% of the purchased amount.
- Affiliate: You will receive an Ethereum bounty every time you refer another contributor to this project. Consequently, it would bring a fairly attractive income for you as when you refer new participants, you will enjoy our following 5-level referral program:
- Possession of Renitheum Token: The value of RTH token is expected to grow strongly in the forthcoming periods. Possessing RTH token means you will have your own valuable property.

How do I receive Renitheum tokens?

You will create a wallet address at: and use the address provided for storing your Renitheum tokens. In the future we will provide you your own wallet.

What can I do with Renitheum tokens?

By the end of DAICO, you can sell your tokens at auction on our RTH tokens trading platform. The contributors will be notified about it after we decide the RTH tokens transaction.You can save your tokens for a long time or use it as a payment method for your game accounts when we launch game applications from our company.